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Medical Centre in Rzeszow

Hearing impaired people services (small, medium, deep, hearing residues - children, adolescents, adults)

Plac Dworcowy 2/201
35-201 RZESZOW

Opening Times: Monday-Friday 08.00-16.00

Tailoring and customisation of hearing aids, FM systems, and other help aids; ear inserts, repairs.

NFZ (National Health Fund) funding available


Over 30 years of experience in prosthetics hearing!!!


We offer hearing aids for patients with slight, moderate, and severe hearing loss, as well as aids remains;
we cater both for children and adults.

Audio prosthetic consultations, free-of-charge hearing test, professional tailoring and customisation of hearing aids with the use of latest technology.
We offer a wide range of hearing aids, from the simplest to the most advanced brands i.e. OTICON, PHONAK, WIDEX, BERNAFON, AUDIO SERVICE, STARKEY, INTERTON etc. in all forms (ITE, BTE, open stenting systems).

 We also sell batteries, cleaning products for hearing aids and inserts (HADEO and others), Blootooth induction loops for wireless connections (e.g. with mobile phones, MP3 and MP4 players etc.), aid helps by BELLMAN VISIT (i.e. alarm clocks, TV sets, sensors and sound receivers for other sources), wireless FM systems compatible with various hearing aid brands.

Warranty and post-warranty service

NFZ funding available - Instalments - Home visits


How to reach:



Dworcowy Square 2/201
35-201 Rzeszów
Subcarpathian Province
Phone: +48 733 136 131, 17 852 00 31

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