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Hearing Aids

professional tailoring and customisation of advanced digital hearing aids

HEARING AIDS (NFZ funding available):  professional tailoring and customisation of advanced digital hearing aids i.e. INTERTON, OTICON, PHONAK, WIDEX, SIEMENS, STARKEY, AUDIOSERVICE. A wide choice of hundreds of models, ranging from the simplest and most affordable to the latest wonders of neuroprosthetic technology.

Also on offer:

  • Assistance in adapting to new hearing aids and their usage
  • In-house repairs of ITE and BTE hearing aids as well as ear inserts, warranty and post-warranty service
  • FM systems, ear inserts: hard and soft, hearing protectors, cleaning products, accessories, high quality batteries, competitive prices
  • Free-of-charge hearing test and configuration of settings, ongoing professional advice available throughout the product’s lifetime
  • Advice and guidance on NFZ and PFRON funding available
  • Short deadlines for orders


Years of experience in prosthetics hearing

Medical Equipment - Distribution and Service

OTEMED Medical Center
"OTEMED" s.c.

ul. Bohaterów Getta 17A
37-700 Przemyśl

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tel. +48 16 678 66 89

mob. +48 570 131 137

HEARING AIDS - Our Medical Centers:cz1 ENG

(w budynku Przychodni Kolejowej OLK) tel. 48 17 862 01 90

JAROSŁAW, ul. Grunwaldzka 8A/1B
tel. 48 16 623 08 41

PRZEMYŚL, ul. Boh. Getta 17A
tel. 48 16 678 66 89

PRZEMYŚL, ul. Czarnieckiego 7A
tel. 48 575 710 719

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