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Hearing Aids

Professional tailoring and customisation of advanced digital hearing aids

HEARING AIDS (NFZ funding available): 

professional tailoring and customisation of advanced digital hearing aids i.e. INTERTON, BERNAFON, BHM, OTICON, PHONAK, WIDEX, SIEMENS, SIGNIA, STARKEY, AUDIOSERVICE. A wide choice of hundreds of models, ranging from the simplest and most affordable to the latest wonders of neuroprosthetic technology.

Also on offer:

  • Assistance in adapting to new hearing aids and their usage

  • In-house repairs of ITE and BTE hearing aids as well as ear inserts, warranty and post-warranty service

  • FM systems, ear inserts: hard and soft, hearing protectors, cleaning products, accessories, high quality batteries, competitive prices

  • Free-of-charge hearing test and configuration of settings, ongoing professional advice available throughout the product’s lifetime

  • Advice and guidance on NFZ and PFRON funding available

  • Short deadlines for orders


For people who urgently need to improve their hearing, we make it possible to buy hearing aids quickly, without referrals and formalities. We offer installment sale, card payments.


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There are car parks in the immediate vicinity of all surgeries.


Years of experience in prosthetics hearing


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