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Medical equipment

Consultations, assembly, delivery, repairs.

We offer a wide range of medical equipment for hospitals, medical centres, surgeries, laboratories, as well as individual users for the following: hearing tests, ECG, EEG scans, continuous cardiac and blood pressure monitoring, cardiac rehabilitation, defibrillating, blood pressure and glucose monitoring, vibration massage, inhalations (for dentists and physiotherapists).

High quality or products and services guarantee:
Tympanometers, audiometers, electrocardiographs, physiotherapy equipment, dental units, sterilisers, treadmills, cardio monitors, holters, EEG monitors, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, inhalators; renowned brands: ASPEL, ADEC, CHIRANA, MAKROMED, EKODENT, EMS, MOCOM, W&H, FAMED, INTERACOUSTICS, OMRON, ROSSMAX, NISSEI, SOHO, PMT, HADEO, FONIDENT, ELEKTRONIKA & ELEKTROMEDYCYNA, MARCEL.

Product life warranty service or periodical testing.




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