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The Service of Medical Equipment

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The service of medical equipment is carried out by staff in Przemyśl with many years of experience in this field. In most cases, we use fault localization down to the level of a single element, which significantly reduces repair costs.

Some services in this area:

* repair of electrocardiographs (Aspel authorized service),
* repair of cardiac monitors, infusion pumps,

* repair of dental equipment (authorized service of Chirana Medical, Topdental, Ekodent, Mocom),
* repair of sterilizers,
* repair of equipment for physiotherapy,
* repair of blood pressure monitors, glucometers, inhalers ...,

We help through consulting, sales and installation to arrange ergonomic dental offices.

Due to the variety of equipment in this industry, please call us to collect the necessary information before shipping the equipment.

We carry out measurements of the electrical safety of medical equipment, periodic inspections of users and devices delivered to the company's headquarters.

The service of medical equipment is carried out by experienced specialists: Henryk Mazur, Janusz Tanecznik, Piotr Jeżak.

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